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The Dignity of Difference

The Dignity of Difference

Holocaust Rememberance

Every year on the 26th of January there is a Holocaust remembrance day.

The council in Peterborough asked the Key Theatre to devise or produce a piece of work for an audience to take place at the Key Theatre. Michael Cross (Artistic Director) then employed Mark Curtis of The Yaller Skunk Theatre Company to devise a small piece to be part of this production.

We worked with a group of 20 students over a period of two weeks. We researched, improvised and then wrote the piece on The Dignity of Difference. We used many different skills. Image, movement, narration, story telling, physical theatre and comedy to complete the task. We even looked at mask and clown as a way to tell our story. The final performance took place on Friday 26th January 2007.


“The last image will stay with me for a really long time.” Paul Butcher Educational and Children officer (Peterborough City Council)

“It’s been an incredible journey, thank you. I now realize the power theatre can hold over an audience.” Lucy Forster (Stanground College Student)

“They all had tears in their eyes, they’d moved an audience, and they’d moved me. But more importantly for them the penny had dropped. Their head of year said he felt like a proud father. I suppose I felt like that with regards to the piece. They can all feel very proud.”
Mark Curtis Yaller Skunk

Our Drama group were commissioned through Yaller Skunk by Peterborough Council to devise and perform a piece about the Holocaust at the Key Theatre. The event was to commemorate the HRD in January 2007. We started this new project in our drama lessons with Mark Curtis to produce the show based on the horrific Holocaust. I really liked the idea as it was on a larger scale and we were working as a whole group/cast to produce a piece to perform at the Key Theatre. Mark made us all feel very comfortable and relaxed and although the pressure was on, I was enjoying every minute of it.  It could be a fantastic experience depending on what you make of it. It is a chance to learn a lot about devising and directing not just to improve your acting skills. Mark has a lot to offer and is fun to work with. So I think we as a group made the most of his knowledge and gained immensely from the opportunity.
The experience gave me a further understanding of the Performing Arts industry, which I am looking into as a professional career.
Luke Carter, Stanground College, Peterborough

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