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Holocaust Memorial Day 2010

The Yaller Skunk events list for HMD 2010

The Yaller Skunk Theatre are developing their ideas on Theatre and Education and have again teamed up with Lewisham Borough Council to produce the Boroughs events for Holocaust and subsequent Genocide Memorial.
The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust have been guiding the team this time round who have been working with local schools to produce, spoken word, monologues, duologues, dramatic scenes and devised stories. Their use of imagery and physical style has led to some very interesting creative work.
The Skunks are delighted to be in the rehearsal room devising real stories about three people that they have met recently saying, “Frank McGuinness has got a lot to answer for! And we’d like to thank him. Someone Who’ll Watch over Me was and still is an inspiration...”
To our new friends Liane, Helen and Jean Louis we thank you so very much.

The Catford Broadway Studio Theatre all @ 7.30pm

Monday January 18th
Edmund Waller Junior School present in association with the Yaller Skunk team an evening of dramatic pieces, scenes and readings.

Title: “I did not know that!”

Yaller Skunk has been running workshops with these young people looking at the subject of Inclusion and Exclusion. “How often do we turn our back without realising it?” “Do we realise what effect that we may have on our peers or individuals?” The young people have been using the HMD theme as a stimulus.

Tuesday January 19th
Title: “A Chance to Remember.”
Hither Green Junior School presents in association with The Yaller Team an evening of poetry, spoken word and drama. Hither Green students along with their teachers have been working on poetry inspired by the event of the Holocaust. Expect an emotional and reflective evening of a time in our worlds history quite literally described through the imagination of these talented and committed youngsters.

Wednesday January 20th
Title: “There is so Much going on.”
Watch out as the secondary students from Sedgehill, Lewisham College and again the Yaller Skunk t team, create an evening that is as uplifting as it is uncomfortable. This Yaller evening has prejudice and exclusion at the fore front of its delivery. We kick over concepts, and pop bubble wrap words in the hunt for understanding and solace in each other company.
This evening of performance theatre returns from last year’s events list. Last year it was said about this group, “I was informed, I was asking questions and then the ending just hit me! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This was an evening I will truly never forget.”

Thursday January 21st
Title: “Kings Row” and “Names of God”
Yaller Skunk are proud to announce that the HMD 2010 events list will include an evening’s production called “Kings Row” produced and directed as well as performed by the students of one of this country’s leading performing arts Universities. The students of Goldsmiths Uni in mild association with the Yaller team present this dramatic one act play. They are also going to perform in another short piece, a series of monologues entitled “Names of God.”

Friday January 22nd
Title: “The Beautiful Struggle”
A professional group of actors come together and using the HMD theme as a stimulus, perform a mixture of duologues, monologues, music, song and poetry for an evening that is an honest response to the week’s events. An adult view and reaction to events taking place as we speak as well as those terrible atrocities that have taken place in our world’s history. Expect an evening of reflection. An evening to warm your heart as we truly uncover what the memory and the imagination can latch on to.

Sunday January 24th
The Catford Broadway Theatre 3pm
Title: “The Legacy of Hope.”
The Yaller Skunk team are in the devising room with care and delicacy as they produce this event with real stories in their hands. Liane, Helen and Jean are people from extraordinary backgrounds. They have shared their remarkable stories and given us such wealth as we now have a real chance to understand the Legacy of survival. In them we trust, in the memory we remember and to the future we march holding each other in our hearts.

An afternoon memorial created with the assistance of 8 local junior schools, the secondary school students from Sedgehill and featuring the work from the Catford and Bromley Synagogue, and Laban Dance University. We are also proud to introduce music from Mazaika and a foyer filled to the brim with performance art work and music.


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