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Holocaust Project

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"Working with Mark and his team on the Holocaust project was an excellent opportunity for both myself and my students. They thoroughly enjoyed the workshops that Mark organized for them; he spent time getting to know the children and building an excellent rapport with them before the rehearsals for the performance commenced. This showed that he had a great passion to produce a meaningful piece of drama that would educate both performers and audience. His sense of humor and commitment to his work was admirable. An excellent person to have worked with."

"...the level of achievement and learning experienced here in Peterborough has been widely applauded and I would have no hesitation in recommending the company to you or any similar projects within your area."  More...
Michael Cross
Venues artistic directory
Peterborough City Council

“It is serious stuff, but devising work is really fun. Mark had us thinking and laughing all the way.” More...
Amy Graham
Stanground College. 

"Yaller Skunk are achieving their mission successfully so far and look very promising as a theatre company to go on and become more popular and produce many more performances. The idea of teaching others in workshops is also something in which they are working towards achieving, I think it is a very good idea and will benefit not only those who participate but also the theatre company its self."
Abbie Potter

I hadn’t really thought about going into the performing arts world as a career it was more just a hobby. Until Mark Cutis came into our school and told us about a Holocaust idea we could all be involved in. Six of us choose to work with Mark Cutis and the Yeller Skunk theatre company for our Work experience and the rest of the class choose to come to rehearsals after school.
I had never realised how much effort goes into a performance Mark was brilliant he helped us to really get to grips with how the people suffering in the Holocaust must have felt. He helped us to see another side and really be able to show emotions. Together we all researched the Holocaust, Mark was brilliant at helping us with this and helped us hugely. We came up with some interesting things we had never heard of ie. Homosexuals were forced to wear a pink triangle, in the same way Jews were made to wear the Star of David. When we had researched Mark helped us go about turning the research into a play.
Mark had just the right balance of showing us what to do, but treating us as adults and allowing us to do some of it ourselves so we really felt it was our performance. Before the Holocaust piece with Yaller Skunk and Mark Curtis I had never thought seriously about doing acting as a career but Mark helped us by giving invaluable advice and experience into the performing arts industry.
Thanks Mark and Yaller Skunk!!

In our final year of secondary school, Mark Curtis from 'Yaller Skunk' came to us with a challenge: to write and produce a show about one of the most touchy topics that will ever be. We, being drama students, couldn't refuse.
6 people out of our class did work experience at the Key Theatre in Peterborough and whilst there, produced the script with emence help from Mark Curtis. We, as a class, researched the topic to find out more about it. Everyone knows from history books and programmes before that the Nazis killed Jews but we gained new knowledge to get out through our performance, for example that cripled people or blind people, infact anyone who was remotely unhealthy was prosecuted and we used this knowledge to bring a new level to this subject that hasn't necessarily been covered by many people.With his experience, we were able to capture just enough emotional writing without it being depressive.
When producing the show, Mark was amazing. He treated us as real performers and pushed us to our limits. We had a character who was in a wheel chair and i was the only person saying, i don't want this role, it's too hard. Mark, believe it or not, picked me. Not through spite but because he knew, with a little push, that i could do it. It really was a challenge but he looked at me and told me to imagine it was me, imagine i couldn't move my legs, that they were heavy to lift if they needed to be moved, that there is humiliation in trying but failing to jump when a Nazi was screaming at me to jump up and down and that there is fear and pain knowing in the back of your mind that you will not get out of there any time soon. Mark was completely magnificant with helping me feel comfortable portraying this character because he made me get into the right mind set.
We have all learnt so much from him. i remeber he wanted for this to be a shock from the start, to hit the audience but to not go away feeling gloomy and sad like every other performance from this subject. We, in my personal opinion, managed to achieve the perfect amount of humour but realness and intensity as was meant and this was largely because Mark Curtis is a talented man.

Mark Curtis has really been a joy to work with and i would love the opportunity to do it again and have him challenge me further. it really was a wonderful and fulfilling experience and for that i thank you Mark and the company 'Yaller Skunk'.
Emma Dyson

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