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“Through the eyes of the beholder.”

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How you can help

This story takes a look at identity in Peterborough. How we all strive to have one and the lengths we’ll go to, to get one. The idea is to write and devise this based on research carried out in the community with the help of Peterborough’s Evening Telegraph. Who have offered to follow the devising process in print? In short we’ll write as we find.

Now if you have an opinion on this subject here is how you can get involved.

After you’ve read the above article “Identity! Lost or found!"  from HERE We’d like you to email us through this site giving us their opinions on it and to answer the following questions.

Does Peterborough have an Identity? Is it a good or bad? If so how do you feel about it? Has it’s identity changed?

What do you like about Peterborough? What do you dislike? Where are your favorite places?

From the answers to these questions we hope to have a broad subject area to research. Once this research has begun we’ll produce a specific questionnaire aimed at finding story lines. Then the devising and scripting can begin.


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