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“Through the eyes of the beholder.”

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Welcome to "Through the eyes of the beholder." A work in progress.

Dedicated to the King of Peterborough. Nobby!! And all those who have met him.

"A man's identity is not best thought of as the way in which he is separated from his fellows but the way in which he is united with them". - Robert Terwilliger

I was always told that to become an actor I needed to live in our nation’s capital, in fact from quite a young age I watched as a lot of my friends and eventual colleagues headed that way with an air of arrogance in their step. “Don’t stay in Peterborough!” they would say to me. I didn’t, but this was due to a childhood adventurous streak and the need to explore the country and indeed the world.

However I still come back this way and feel a buzz of warm adrenalin when jumping on a train at Kings Cross knowing that in fifty minutes I’ll be in a recognizable (like the back of my hand) place with people who will be with me for life. (I touch wood at this moment.)

Peterborough Cathedral

I think Peterborough gets a bad press at times. I’m not saying there aren’t better places to live, or prettier places to visit.  I’m just saying that I still have a lot of pride in ‘The Boro and it’s people.”

It’s my guess that other Peterborians feel this way. And what gives a place more pride than community spirit. Not the over bearing kind of spirit of people living in each others pockets. But the sometimes unseen kind. It is called human kindness.

In a world now dominated by suspicion and fearful glances our openness can’t survive. What does that mean? Well freedom is dying. So let’s just remind ourselves and give ourselves just a little credit for things that we do open up to.


It shouldn’t be about them and us, but definitely on occasion it is that way. How sad that the only things that put us all on the same page and finds immediate complicity in the community is tragedy.” John Wright

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